Custom Metal Machining and Fabrication

Turning OperationCustom metal machining and fabrication are the basis of our machine shop. Our experience and passion for quality results are what separate us from other facilities. With over 100 years of combined experience, our machinists have the knowledge and capabilities to make your designs a reality. Furthermore, it is our upmost desire to apply to our work a spirit of excellence and quality. We will never send out a part that is substandard. Period
Along with our understanding and ability to formulate and plan out your designs, the variety of machines available to complete the task is vast. At our facility, we have an array of lathes, mills, grinders, and welders that range in both size and capabilities. Inherently these machines have a great variety of machining techniques and tooling, but the true success to our process is our ability to create solid fixtures and tools that can not only do the common techniques but also the complex and exotic designs. So provided with your needs and the specs of your part, we will be able to meet or exceed the standards and quality that you seek in your parts.

7 Comments on “Custom Metal Machining and Fabrication

  1. Your site looks good, easy to navigate and very clean. You have a unique business that people need to know about. Are you targeting businesses with your services or the average consumer? I would guess both but I am not sure. What are some common household projects the average consumer would use your service for?

    1. Thanks for the comments. We would be servicing someone that need had something break and could not find a replacement part. We will mostly service the manufacturing and farming community.

  2. Definitely a very useful service you have here. Especially for those looking to start up their own business but just do not have the facilities to manufacture their product. Might be looking into your services myself here in the next couple of months after the planning is all done. But until then keep up the great work!

  3. Fascinating, David….

    With the closure of many metal fabrication and machining shops connected with corporate entities, going online with your service would probably be a big help for farmers (and auto enthusiasts?) who can’t find proper parts any more and need something custom-made.

    What a good idea!

    Have you thought of promoting to artists and artisans (3-D guys) who need special display things?

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