Uncle Davie's Machine Shop


Located At:

21275 Buell Rd.

Sterling, IL 61081-9552




We deliver to:
Sterling, IL 61081
Rock Falls, IL 61071
Dixon, IL 61021


Our mission is to provide fast reliable service at a reasonable price while maintaining a high level of quality for our customers. We have over 100 years of combined experience, making us the consultants you want for your problems. With a family owned machine shop you can depend on us to provide personal service that is second to none.

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Welcome To Machine Tip You Must See

We will be adding tips and tricks throughout the website to help you with your machining. This one covers how to help keep your chips from flying all over the shop. This video is by Mr. Derry.

13 Comments on “The Online Machine Shop-Sterling Il

  1. David, thank you for introducing me to Uncle Davie’s Machine Shop! It sounds like you all are capable of handing many different types of projects. I am interested in gearing however, and wonder, are you are able to hold tight tolerances in your production? I ask because our tolerances can be on the tight side.

    1. The gears we make are usually for repairing gearboxes that we can’t find replacements for. We usually can hold a tolerance of +/-. 001. If you have questions please comment again.

      Thanks Dave

  2. At first glance it seems that focus is to attract visitors to your actual shop at the physical location, but it’s cool you can do all the transaction online and ship the product!

    The contact page doesn’t seem to be working yet. I’m guessing that’s a work in progress? I think that’s one of the more important pages since visitors will be requesting quotes thru that page.

    But the layout is very cool and great site!


    1. The contact form was working. I will check into it. What was your problem? Thanks for the comments.


      1. Just checked back and it’s working now. Before it was just a blank form, but looks like it got taken care of!

        Take care!


  3. Nice website! We always love seeing your work and can’t wait to see what the online business brings for you to do!!

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